Executive Event

Wolters Kluwer Executive Event is the seminar and conference arm of Wolters Kluwer Asia. We empower organisations and individuals with critical business information, timely insights and analysis from industry practitioners and academics. Our events also provide a platform for business leaders to exchange views and business ideas across different industries.

Want To Showcase your company and your expertise?

Learn more about Wolters Kluwer events and sponsorship opportunities by downloading the Sponsorship Package 2016.  If you are interested to be a delegate, speaker and/or sponsor our events, please contact us.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Jason Sinclair

Managing Director, Legal Plus

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +852 9262 2838

Fax: +852 2521 7874

For registration details, please contact

Bettina Yan

Event Director, Legal Plus

Email: ??[email protected]
Tel: +852 9617 2058
Fax: +852 2521 7874 

Upcoming Events

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