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Wolters Kluwer CCH subscription products cover legislation, commentary, step-by-step guide, cases, in-depth analysis, e-newsletter, Q&A and workflow tools. The renowned Prime Law & Tax database is one of the most authoritative and trusted resources used by many leading professionals in Hong Kong.

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Key Features and Benefits

All-in-one Research Platform

It covers a full range of legislation, cases, commentary, journals and news with latest track changes.

Easy-to-use Interface

The platform is professionally designed with advanced search functions and a user-friendly interface.

Current, Reliable Resource

Instant updates on all legislative amendments and case updates ensure our clients stay up to speed with latest market changes.

Accelerated Research at Your Fingertips

Smart search with cross-database integration and keyword filters gives you the right answer within seconds!

Smart Charts

You can make insightful comparison tables and charts in multiple dimensions and export to excel format in one click!

Customized Package for Minimal Cost

We allow subscription on individual databases to save your costs.

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Default Term 

12 months

Topics Covered

1. HK legislation

2. Unreported cases - HK ALL
3. Reported case - Tax
4. News
5. Journal - China Tax Intelligence
6. Journal - China Sta-
7. Journal - Tan Pan
8. Hong Kong Revenue Legislation (Legislation)
9. Hong Kong Tax Manual
10. Hong Kong Master GAAP Guide (current edition)
11. Financial Reporting in Hong Kong 2013
12. China Laws for Foreign Business - Taxation & Customs (Bilingual Legislations)
13. China Tax & Customs Law Guide
14. China Tax Manual Online
15. China Master GAAP Guide (current edition)
16. Tax Compliance in Greater China 5th Edition
17. Mergers and Acquisitions in China: Taxation
18. Tax Planning for Expatriates in China, 5th Edition
19. Macau Master Tax Guide (current edition)
20. China Outbound Investment
21. Taiwan Master Tax Guide
22. Hong Kong Master Tax Guide (current edition)
23. Business Process Reenginering - A Practical Guide
24. HKFRS Implementation Guide - SME Edition
25. Chinese Valuation Standard
26. International Taxation Law and Practice in Hong Kong and China
27. Taxation in Hong Kong: a practical guide (current edition) (previously known as Hong Kong Tax Workbook)
28. Financial Reporting in Hong Kong (current edition)

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