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CCH has been supporting professionals for a century, with our expertise in Legal & HR, we think that we are your reliable strategic business partner at all times - a partner whose knowledge you can leverage on to help build your business.  We dedicate to develop our software package to support various law firms in Hong Kong.  

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  • Legisway
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Take control of your legal information & accelerate your company's legal performance with all-in-one legal management software from Wolters Kluwer. 

Empowering the shift from "cost-center" to trusted advisor

Ad hoc spreadsheets, chaotic shared drives or generic software don't drive the operational efficiency you need become a trusted Legal advisor. Legisway centralises your legal information and automates your processes in one solution, driving greater efficiency, better risk control, and improved collaboration.

Compared to point solutions that only address a single need - like contract, entity or claim management - Legisway can be configured and scaled cover the changing needs of your legal department. Built specifically for legal departments and backed our deep legal expertise, Legisway enables immediate digital transformation and provides rapid return on investment.

How Legisway Essentials works: 


Organise legal information and documents in one place to maintain a “single source of truth”


The most accurate information is always at your fingertips, whenever you need it

Make key information from long documents more visible and understandable to the whole organisation

Assign tasks and define collaborative processes between departments while maintaining control

Give permission-based access to colleagues and reduce the risk of a data breach

Proactively mitigate risk, identify opportunities and provide insightful reports to your CEO and Board

Monitor the status of legal affairs and set alerts to never miss a deadline again

Explore the types of legal information you can manage

Add the types of information you need to organize now, then easily add more as you go. Start immediately and avoid lengthy IT projects: Legisway Essentials is easier to adopt, deploy and extend than other solutions supporting legal departments in matter management.

- Contracts

- Cases

- Corporate

- Policies and Regulations

- IP Rights

- Data Privacy

- Real Estate

- Insiders

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It's Kleos Time

Kleos Practice Management Software

Created by lawyers for lawyers, Kleos practice management software gives you more time to work on your cases and helps you win, with a full range of administrative, financial and collaborative features. 

Developed by Wolters Kluwer, experts in legal software for over 30 years, Kleos is easy to learn, simple to use and is already helping 12,000 legal professionals in Europe work anywhere in real-time, on any device, in total security.


Key Features and Benefits

Smarter Collaboration

Forget long email threads and photocopied notes. Kleos allows you share files, bills, tasks and calendars instantly on a single integrated platform.

Enhanced Control

Stay on top of billing with more accurate invoicing, thanks to case tracking and time or activity based management. One click reporting allows you to measure productivity and overall financial performance. Kleos will remind you what you and other parties need to do and help you do it by the due date.

More Valuable Decision Time

By automating tedious processes and working anywhere, from any device, you win back more time to deliver a superior service and grow your client base.

Peace of Mind

Automatically securing and backing up all your data, Kleos protects your knowledge base, your clients and your business, helping you stay compliant.

Time for Kleos

If you want to use practice management technology for the first time, or if you think it’s time you moved to a more versatile solution, it’s time for Kleos.

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